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Qi Gong

Qi gong is the ancient Chinese science of moving the subtle energy or life force, called qi (pronounced "chi"). Gong means "work." So qi gong literally means "energy work." Qi gong is a gentle set of exercises that people practice daily in order to improve their fitness, stamina, and health. Despite being gentle qi gong can be very invigorating and even tiring. You will be surprised. But in general people work at their own intensity and their stamina improves over time. Because of the gentleness of the qi gong exercises there is very little inflamation created in the body. This is unlike other faster moving exercises, thus qi gong has the quality of enhancing fitness for life.

The Mystic Mountain hosts three Qi Gong Teachers:

Hannah Eucker

Esther Lindsay

Frank Pascoe

These teachers are certified by the:

Supreme Science Qigong Center.

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